How Often Should You Trim Your Trees?

How Often Should You Trim Your Trees?

June 16, 2022

Trimming your trees helps them stay healthy since you eliminate dead, diseased, and extra branches. Pruned trees also get more exposure to the sun, which aids in their healthy growth. But as a tree owner, you might be wondering, “How do I know if my tree needs trimming?” or “What time of year is best to trim my trees?” Read on to find out everything you need about trimming your trees. 

Trimming Intervals

The trimming interval for trees is not cast on stone. It will vary depending on the trees’ age, size, and health. Younger trees need to be trimmed more often than older trees. With younger trees, you need to trim them every two to three years. But you can wait anywhere from three to five years for older ones. 

The type of tree is also a significant factor. For instance, fruit trees need more routine maintenance. It would be a good idea to trim them each year, to boost their production. On the other hand, evergreen trees don’t need routine attention. Sometimes, you may not have to trim them ever. Usually, they get rid of dead or damaged branches on their own. Therefore, you don’t have to prune them unless you notice something is off.

Oak trees are an exception. Although they are evergreen trees, they require routine trimming. You should trim them every two to three years when they are young. The interval can go up to three to five years as the oak trees mature. 

When To Trim the Trees

We often get asked this question – unfortunately, the answer is not straightforward. So many factors come into play when determining the best time to trim trees, such as their susceptibility to disease. For instance, pruning an oak tree during summer poses the risk of oak wilt – a deadly disease. 

Winter months are the best time to trim trees. During these months, most trees are dormant, thus less prone to insects and disease. Besides, the arborist will get a clearer view of the branches when the leaves are gone. That also means that the trimming exercise won’t create much of a mess on the landscape, as would be the case in other months. Most importantly, if you trim your trees during winter, they will heal by the time spring comes. 

However, you might consider trimming your trees in summer if your goal is to control growth. While winter trimming encourages more growth, summer trimming does the opposite. 

Don’t DIY! Hire Professional Arborists

While tree pruning sounds easy, it’s not a good DIY project. It takes expertise to prune trees without damaging or killing the trees altogether. Besides, there is the risk of personal injury from the falling branches. A professional arborist has the tools and skills to work safely. 

If your trees need maintenance, get in touch with Neumann & Sons Tree Service. We shall promptly schedule an appointment for you to talk to a professional arborist and explore all the possible options for the well-being of your trees. 


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