When Is the Best Time To Remove Trees?

When Is the Best Time To Remove Trees?

March 31, 2022

Most homeowners adore trees as they make homes look more appealing. No matter the time of the year, cutting down a tree never feels right. However, when a tree is damaged, dead, decayed, or poses a danger to your property, removing it is the best option. You do not want a tree to fall on its own as it may cause damage, resulting in unnecessary expenses. You have more control when you remove it on your own terms. So, while deciding to remove a tree is never easy, when should trees be cut down?

The Best Time of Year To Cut Down Trees

If your tree has roots upheaving, is leaning, or poses a threat to your home, call an arborist immediately. It does not matter what time of the year it is. This is an emergency. But if your tree does not have a severe issue, then the right time to remove it is during the dormant season, and that is winter. Can you cut down a tree in the winter? Yes, you can. In fact, trees are often lighter in winter because they are leafless. This makes the job of the arborist easy.

Another reason to cut down trees in the winter is because of cost. You are likely to pay less for tree removal services in the winter than other times. During this period, the demand for tree removal services is low. With supply being higher than demand, most tree removal companies will offer low prices to attract customers.

The Cost of Removing Trees

Despite winter being a contributing factor to lower costs, other things can also contribute. There are many factors that an arborist will consider before giving you the quote. Things like tree size, your tree’s needs, and the location will also contribute to the cost. Also, some places have ordinances that may affect the removal process.

Whatever time the job is being done, it will still cost you. To get value for your money, hire a certified arborist. An expert has the experience and insurance and will be transparent the entire time. Also, keep in mind that tree removal is not a DIY job. It is a dangerous procedure that should only be done by a professional arborist.

What Is The Price for Tree Removal?

As stated earlier, several things come into play to determine the cost. For removing small trees, you may pay something around $200, and for bigger trees, the cost can go as high as $4500. To know the exact cost, an arborist needs to come and survey your tree, check its condition, and see whether there are any obstacles in the way. There is no simple way to decide on the cost because tree companies charge based on the nature of the job instead of on an hourly basis. Also, a company can charge you based on its overhead, manpower, and equipment used. 

Neumann & Sons Tree Service can remove your tree at any time of the year. We are a tree removal company accredited by the BBB, and we offer personalized services to our clients. Our costs are also affordable. Call us today and let us handle that tree removal for you.

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