California Native Trees 101

California Native Trees 101

February 2, 2022

When it comes to deciding which tree to plant at your home or business, it’s often advised by tree experts to consider trees that are native to your area. For those of us here in Paso Robles, that means considering what types of trees are native to California.

Planting native trees doesn’t necessarily mean that a particular tree does not grow outside of the area as well, just that it does grow natively in the area you’re planting it in. So, planting native trees in the Golden State doesn’t mean you have to look at what trees only grow in California.

But if you’re goal is to highlight your West Coast connection and celebrate your location, then maybe you do want to know what trees only grow in California. Here is some more information on California native trees to keep in mind next time you’re looking to spruce up your landscaping.

California native trees

California has a plethora of trees that are native to its fertile soil and affable climate. There are specimen trees, flowering trees and many other types of California native trees of all sizes to choose from.

For example, some native California flowering trees include the California buckeye, Refugio manzanita, western redbud and the desert willow. Each of these will be a beautiful addition to any landscape both when in bloom and when not in bloom.

If size is a concern and you need something that won’t get too large, there’s a California native tree for that! The pinon pine is one example, and this tree will also yield delicious pine nuts that are edible (and great in pesto!). The water birch, blue palo verde, sweet acacia and Pacific wax myrtle are also examples of California native plants that don’t grow more than 20 feet in height.

If you’re looking for something a little larger, there are options from California that will fit the bill. Check out the big leaf maple, white alder, California black walnut or the California black oak as examples.

And if you need something that is evergreen and won’t drop leaves all over the ground each fall, there are many California native trees you may be interested in. For example, the incense cedar is an aptly named species, as it not only grows to a stately size but also smells nice. The coast live oak, Coulter pine and California bay tree are also stunning examples of stately California native trees.

Hire a professional

When you are looking to know more about what types of trees are native to California, the best thing to do is contact a professional tree service company. After all, just because it may look good when you plant it doesn’t mean it will be a good fit 30 years from now. The experience of a professional can be invaluable in selecting a tree that will be standing out on your property for decades to come. For the best service and knowledgeable, professional expertise, reach out to Neumann & Sons Tree Service today.

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