A Helpful Autumn Tree Maintenance Checklist

A Helpful Autumn Tree Maintenance Checklist

November 9, 2021

Autumn is here, and this is an important time for tree maintenance. If you’re wondering how you can keep your trees healthy, and how to take good care of them during the fall, keep reading. With the help of tree maintenance professionals, you can ensure your trees stay healthy and are ready to regrow in the spring.

Here’s an overview of your autumn tree maintenance tasks:

  • Get an inspection: One of the best ways to take care of your trees in the fall is to have a tree maintenance pro come out and perform a tree inspection. They’ll take a look at all of the trees in your yard. This will ensure that if your trees are showing any signs of disease, impending death, rot or other issues, you’ll spot them before the problem spreads. They’ll also make maintenance and care recommendations, based on the specific trees and conditions on your property.
  • Prune trees back: Now that the leaves are falling, it’s a great time to prune your trees back. They need to be trimmed in order to encourage regrowth in the spring. This will also help the tree manage its resources. Instead of sending water and nutrients to excess branches, it will keep them in the trunk and the main branches of the tree, so it’s more likely to survive the cold weather.
  • Mulch around tree base: Next, replenish the mulch around your tree base. This helps lock in soil moisture, wards off pests and keeps insects and other critters at bay. Your tree care professional can help you choose the right mulch for your trees.
  • Fertilize: It’s time to give your trees one last dose of nutrition before the winter sets in. The type of fertilizer you choose will depend on the trees and soil conditions in your yard. If in doubt, ask your tree maintenance pro for advice.
  • Water thoroughly: Before the cold weather really sets in, be sure to water your trees thoroughly. This will help them get enough moisture to help them survive the winter.
  • Remove leaf piles: Leaf piles can form mold and mildew. They’re also a haven for insects and vermin, and can damage your grass. Remove them and dispose of them in the yard waste bins or your compost pile.
  • Support your trees and shrubs: If you have newer trees, you may want to brace them before the wind and cold arrive. Take the opportunity to brace and support young trees and shrubs as they establish their roots.
  • Plant new trees: Finally, autumn is a great time to plant new trees. They’ll get the benefit of establishing roots in cool, moist soil before spring rolls around.

Now that you know how to take good care of your trees during the fall, give the team at Neumann & Sons Tree Service a call. We’ll be happy to come out and inspect your trees, as well as offer suggestions to improve their health. When you need pruning and other maintenance services, we’re just a phone call away!

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