Tips to Help Your Summer Garden Thrive

Tips to Help Your Summer Garden Thrive

June 22, 2021

Gardening enthusiasts are sure to encounter challenges with their plants. Despite a gardener’s best intentions, trees and shrubs experience disease, sunburn and withered branches. Practicing good tree maintenance can repair damaged plants and restore the health of your garden. The following summer care tips will help your plants survive the hot months.

Cut back on pruning branches

Plants and trees are put under even more stress during the summertime. They’re constantly battling the heat, which takes up most of their energy. Trimming branches creates a wound that the plant must heal. The plant’s energy goes towards repairing the wound instead of warding off dangerously high temperatures. When plants don’t have the energy to protect themselves, they begin to wilt.

Only trim plants in the summer if there’s dead or diseased foliage. Withered branches inhibit air circulation to the center of the tree, and infected sections left alone will eventually kill off the entire plant. If trees and shrubs have become overgrown, do your pruning in the fall or early spring.

Protect trees from sunburn

An important part of summer care involves protecting plants from sunburn. Many plant species aren’t designed to withstand direct sunlight all day long. The sun can scorch new growth, which leads to curling and brown-tipped leaves. Tree bark that’s been sunburned may acquire a pale green or gray color, too.

For smaller plants and flowerbeds, install a couple shade screens. These are constructed with a mesh material that partially blocks direct sunlight. However, shade screens might be too small for trees. In that case, wrap the trunks with a tree guard. The white fabric reflects sunlight to prevent the tree from overheating.

Avoid overwatering parched plants

Heat makes plants more likely to dry out. Surprisingly, this isn’t why plants die in the summer. Novice gardeners make the common mistake of overwatering their plants to compensate for seasonal droughts and high temperatures. Black and drooping leaves are both signs your plants are being overwatered!

Water the garden only two or three times a week. Let the hose slowly release water into the soil so roots have time to absorb it. Watering should take place early in the morning because cool temperatures ensure more water ends up in the root system. If you don’t have time for tree maintenance, a slow-release watering bag can detect dry soil and automatically do the watering for you.

Check the leaves for disease

Wilting plants are prime targets for pest infestations. Plants that are dried out and lack nutrients don’t have the strength to fight off ticks, spiders, beetles and wasps. Regularly check leaves for signs of infestation, such as holes or discolored spots. Early detection of disease is crucial so your plants can receive a pest treatment right away and survive the hot months.

Don’t sweat summer care this season. With these simple tips, your garden is sure to thrive all year long. For more advice on tree maintenance, call the specialists at Neumann & Sons Tree Service. We’ve got the tools and knowledge necessary to nurse your garden back to health.

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