Preventing Common Tree Pests and Diseases

Preventing Common Tree Pests and Diseases

June 23, 2021

Pests are often a major obstacle when it comes to maintaining the health of your trees and other plants. There are a multitude of different insects and rodents that will work hard to make a home out of your tree. While you may not want to kick out these tiny creatures, it’s important to realize they can cause plenty of damage. Carpenter ants, for example, will create tiny tunnels in your tree that will cause the wood to weaken over time. Other common tree pests include aphids, pine beetles, weevils and budworms.

Pests aren’t the only things you need to worry about, though, as trees can also contract diseases. Tree diseases can cause decay, dead branches, discoloration of leaves and other problems. The growth of fungus could also signal a tree disease.

While pests and diseases can affect trees of all types, it’s easy to prevent and treat both issues through smart tree maintenance. Read on for some ways to keep pests and diseases from destroying your trees.

Provide your tree with proper maintenance

Most of the time, providing your tree with proper maintenance will be enough to help prevent pests and diseases. Watering and trimming your tree on a routine basis will almost assure that you’ll be able to notice any signs of pests or disease. Once you notice these signs, contact an expert tree service provider right away. Stopping a pest problem as soon as possible will prevent it from growing any larger.

If you’re short on time, find a tree maintenance provider in your area. A good arborist service will keep your trees trimmed and cared for while watching out for pests.

Invest in good mulch

Adding mulch to your plants is a great way to facilitate healthy growth. Mulch helps retain moisture while preventing the growth of weeds. It’s also great for stopping the growth of disease-causing fungi.

There are many different brands and types of mulch, so be sure to do plenty of research before making a purchase. You could also contact a local expert to see what they recommend.

Bring in some helpful insects

A good way to get rid of pesky pests without bringing in an exterminator is by attracting some helpful insects. Ladybugs, for example, are great at getting rid of aphids. To attract ladybugs, plant some of the flowers they enjoy, such as calendula, cosmos, fennel, marigold and yarrow.

Praying mantises, lacewings and ground beetles are also great at removing pests. Do some research on the pest-eating insects in your area, then plant flowers that they might enjoy.

Contact an expert

The best way to prevent pests and diseases from killing your trees is to bring in a professional. Let them inspect your area and decide on the best treatment options. It’s important to follow any advice from a tree service professional, as this will usually help prevent further problems down the line.

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