The Role of a Tree Service Technician

The Role of a Tree Service Technician

December 1, 2020

Much like any other living thing, trees have to be taken care of every once in a while so they can stay healthy. They need an occasional trim and protection from disease, and there’s no person more qualified for the job than a tree service technician. Residents and business owners of Paso Robles, CA should never underestimate the importance of tree maintenance and working with a licensed technician in the area.

Trim branches and remove dead trees

Tree service technicians remove branches, sometimes even the whole tree, because it’s overrun with disease or certain parts are crowding infrastructure. When technicians detect a problem early on, they can remove the infected branch before disease spreads to the rest of the tree. Unfortunately, trees that are left untreated will slowly die off and must be removed before healthy saplings can take their place.

Overhanging branches can block nature trails, sidewalks and roadways. A tree technician has to remove such branches so they don’t impede vehicles or foot traffic. Homeowners and property managers need to schedule regular tree maintenance to prevent branches from hanging over roofs. Tree limbs give rodents easy access to your roof, where they can burrow underneath weakened shingles.

Scale trees with climbing equipment

A typical work day for tree service technicians involves scaling trees so they can remove specific branches. Technicians must complete training courses about how to execute proper climbing techniques and use the equipment. That’s why homeowners should think twice before hacking away at dead branches by themselves. Cutting down tree limbs is dangerous work and should be left to a trained professional in Paso Robles, CA.

Assess damage from pests and disease

Consistent tree maintenance is required to catch the early onset of disease and pest infestations. Tree technicians are familiar with the warning signs and will assess trees for damage. From there, a technician will recommend the best course of action to remove pests or slow the spread of disease. Neglected trees eventually have to be cut down, which costs way more than a little bit of preventative maintenance from your local technician.

Tree technicians are your primary source of knowledge about pests and disease. They’ve studied trees indigenous to Paso Robles, CA and the ailments commonly associated with each species. Some technicians specialize in diagnosing diseases or pest invasions for a certain type of tree, which allows them to make even more accurate treatment plans.

Improve the landscape’s appearance

In addition to promoting a healthy environment, tree services are used for aesthetic purposes. Landscape architects collaborate with tree service technicians to design beautiful layouts. A technician is the best person to ask for advice on tree placement, and they can predict how trees will affect nearby buildings and pedestrian walkways over time. Property managers also depend on technicians to remove unsightly dead trees and plant new ones.

Pests and disease generally aren’t what kills trees—it’s the months and years that go by without maintenance from a local tree technician. Show a bit of love to your landscape by scheduling an appointment with Neumann & Sons Tree Service. We provide assistance throughout every step of a tree’s life cycle, which includes detecting early signs of disease and pest invasions. If you’ve got questions, give us a call!

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