Four Helpful Tips for Maintaining Trees This Winter

Four Helpful Tips for Maintaining Trees This Winter

December 15, 2020

Winter means more time spent indoors, and some residents living in Paso Robles, CA make the mistake of leaving tree maintenance for the spring. A tree forced to endure months with no upkeep will become worse than how you left it. When temperatures begin to drop, keep your landscaping healthy with these winter tree care tips.

Trim branches while they’re dormant

Tree maintenance in the dead of winter doesn’t sound too appealing. Homeowners in Paso Robles, CA would rather enjoy some brisk autumn air and finish pruning before the weather gets too cold. But the trees will resent you for it! Avoid trimming trees in the fall, because that’s when branches sap nutrients from their leaves. Cut branches when the leaves are still on, and you’ll stunt their growth.

Winter is the perfect time of year for trimming branches because they’re fully dormant and have finished storing nutrients. Focus most of your attention on pruning young trees so their branches grow into the right shape. For older trees, remove branches that are dead or dying, hang too low or have started to break.

Cover saplings and tropical species

Young trees are most susceptible to freezing temperatures. If they’re small enough, cover saplings with weather-resistant material like a tarp or burlap sheet to guard against frost. The ground radiates heat, even during cold months. A covering will trap ground heat and prevent new growth from freezing over.

Tropical plants love the hot summers of Paso Robles, CA, but don’t feel the same way about cold weather. Winter tree care often involves relocating potted trees and plants to sheltered areas like a patio or tool shed. Familiarize yourself with how different plant species react to winter and offer protection for ones that need it the most.

Give trees a blanket of mulch

While young saplings can retain warmth with help from a burlap sheet, mature trees are too big and require a different method for winter tree care. One common practice is to pile mulch around the base of a tree trunk. Mulch made of woodchips is great not only for retaining heat, but keeps moisture in the ground as well.

Keep in mind there’s a right and wrong way to place mulch around a tree. Arrange the mulch five inches away from the tree trunk so the finished result has a donut shape. Don’t pile mulch right against the trunk because excessive moisture will build up and cause the tree to rot.

Water on mild days during winter

Trees always need water, even during the cold months. Saplings should receive 10 to 15 gallons of water once every two weeks. For mature trees, multiply that amount by the number of inches in their diameter and water every other month. Slowly water the trees so their roots have time to absorb it, and choose a day with temperatures above freezing.

For additional tree maintenance tips, get in touch with the tree technicians at Neumann & Sons Tree Service. We don’t just chop down trees—our professionals instruct homeowners on how to give their trees a stronger, healthy life during the winter. When spring comes to Paso Robles, CA, your backyard will look more beautiful than ever!

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