Tips for High-Quality Fall Tree Care

Tips for High-Quality Fall Tree Care

August 27, 2020

One of the many tasks you should prioritize this fall before the cooler weather hits is making sure your trees are in good condition. You can minimize stress on the trees throughout the winter months by taking some simple steps to care for and protect them in the fall.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most important fall tree care actions you can take in Paso Robles, CA:

  • Load up on mulch: The fall is a great time to place composted mulch under your tree. Do this in the late fall and it will help the area surrounding the tree retain water better, while also acting as a layer of insulation to prevent extreme temperatures from affecting the top layers of the soil. Even just a thin layer of mulch will provide some much-needed protection to the tree’s roots, and act like an insulating blanket for the soil surrounding the trunk.
  • Prune: Fall is also a great time for pruning trees. After the leaves fall off, it becomes much easier for you to see the full structure of the tree. Regular pruning is crucial for the health of trees and plants, as it helps reduce the amount of stress on them and allows them to keep growing strongly. You should make sure you research the proper methods of pruning your specific type of tree, or hire a professional who knows what they’re doing.
  • Water your trees: Your trees are going to get a lot less water over the winter, so it’s important that you water them throughout the fall and winter as much as possible. Keep doing this as long as the ground is not frozen, long after all the leaves have fallen, so you can give your trees the sustenance they need to come back thriving in the spring.
  • Plant: Fall is also one of the best times of year for planting new trees. Some people might think that because trees lose their leaves in the fall, you should wait until spring to plant. In fact, the cooler weather creates perfect conditions for planting the tree, as tree roots grow faster when the weather isn’t too warm. It also allows for the roots to establish themselves before the cold weather hits, and then continue growing in the spring even before the leaves make a comeback.
  • Prevent damage: Over the winter, trees become more susceptible to damage caused by a buildup of winter precipitation. Younger trees are at greater risk because they have not yet developed the same strength in their limbs that they’ll have when they reach adulthood. Wrapping trees with cloth or burlap can help prevent this, as can proper pruning.

For more information about some of the best fall tree care steps you can take to ensure your trees make it through the winter without any issue, we encourage you to contact Neumann & Sons Tree Service in Paso Robles, CA with any questions you have. We look forward to working with you on your trees.

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