The Danger of Not Pruning Your Trees

The Danger of Not Pruning Your Trees

July 30, 2020

There are so many chores that you have to do to keep your home looking great, and that number only seems to double when the summer sun comes out. You weed your garden, mow the grass and plant new bulbs, but how much thought are you giving to the cherished trees that dot your property? If you’re not taking care of tree pruning in Paso Robles, CA on a regular basis, you could be doing your entire property a considerable disservice.

Here are some of the most critical reasons to prune your trees.

Protect your community

When they’re allowed to grow with reckless abandon, trees will force their way into any position they can. A lot of times, that means they will eventually interfere with local power and telephone lines. Roots that grow with little care can eventually penetrate sewer systems and cause untold damage.

Protect your property

Over time, the branches on your trees could grow into precarious positions that your tree’s trunk cannot support. Tree trimming in Paso Robles, CA can prevent these branches from falling. When your tree’s branches are allowed to fall naturally from the tree, they could pose serious harm to yourself and your friends and neighbors.

On the chance that one of the branches on your tree injures another person (or their property), you could end up being liable for the damage.

Protect your property value

As a homeowner, you no doubt understand the importance of curb appeal to your property value. When your property is covered in trees that have dead or overgrown branches, it can significantly reduce the value of your home.

Protect your trees

Another big reason to prune your trees is to prevent the spread of disease. As they’re trimming your tree’s twigs and branches, an arborist can spot diseases and then eliminate them before they can spread to the other trees in your yard. If left unchecked, infection in your tree can spread rapidly and kill all the trees on your property. Even if the disease doesn’t spread to other plants, it could still infect your tree and kill it, leaving behind only a discolored husk.

If you own a fruit tree, allowing your branches to grow unfettered can sap your tree of its ability to produce fruit. As a result, trimming your trees back can allow your fruit tree to grow bigger, sweeter fruit than you might have thought possible.

Let us come to the rescue

If you’re in need of help with tree pruning in Paso Robles, CA, don’t put that stress on yourself. Call on the pros at Neumann & Sons Tree Service. Over the last decade, we have built a strong reputation among our valued clients. That’s why we have so many repeat customers. We have more than 40 years of combined experience working on the trees of Paso Robles, so you’d be hard pressed to find a more qualified company to handle your needs.

Crown reduction, stump grinding, tree pruning and removal—we do it all! All it takes is one call, and we’ll do the rest.

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