How to Know if Your Tree Has a Disease

How to Know if Your Tree Has a Disease

June 30, 2020

When a storm rages through your neighborhood, it can knock down branches and cause structural damage to your property’s trees. When a woodpecker goes looking for a new home or a rodent nests in the root structure, that can cause issues. Of course, all these attacks on your trees are easy to spot, even for a novice. Unfortunately, one of the most damaging threats to the livelihood of your trees is one that you may not be able to detect without a little bit of education.

Like humans, trees can develop diseases that threaten their lives and could even spread to other trees in your yard. If you’re worried that your trees might have diseases, it’s time to schedule a tree inspection in Paso Robles, CA. Here are some warning signs to look for.

Phytophthora root and crown rot

When your leaves begin to fall off the branches of your trees out of season, it could be a sign that rot has set in. This disease starts at your tree’s root structure and slowly works its way up the trunk to your tree’s crown. By the time the phytophthora root and crown rot reaches the top of your trees, there may be little that can be done to save them.

Younger trees without established root systems are especially susceptible to rot.

Splotchy off-colored leaves

A nasty little fungus infection can cause anthracnose, a disease that starts at the leaves of your tree and work inward. If you notice spots on your leaves or areas of the tree that appear to be dead, your tree could be at risk. Once the disease moves from the leaves to the twigs and branches, the most common result is the tree’s death.

If you spot signs of anthracnose, it’s essential to schedule a tree inspection in Paso Robles, CA as soon as possible.

Leaf drops on your oak

Oak trees are some of the most majestic trees native to California. They are also very robust until oak wilt seeps in. Regardless of the variety of oak tree, it could be susceptible to oak wilt, a paralyzing disease that causes your leaves to fall out of season.

Burnt-looking leaves

Are twigs on your trees beginning to turn a deep black, as though they have been burnt by a fire? This harmful disease is known as fire blight, and it can pose a real threat to every plant in your yard.

Call in the tree pros

If you’re worried about the state of your trees, it’s time to schedule a tree inspection. When that time arrives, the safest bet for you and your family is to call in the pros at Neumann & Sons Tree Service. Our highly-skilled team has over four decades of combined experience that we can’t wait to put to work for you.

When you need inspections, crown reductions, routine trimming and pruning, stump grinding or tree removal in Paso Robles, CA, call on Neumann & Sons Tree Service. Reach out today to schedule your appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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