Best Tree Types for Landscaping Near Paso Robles

Best Tree Types for Landscaping Near Paso Robles

June 11, 2020

There are numerous reasons to add trees to your property. Not only does the right selection of trees look beautiful, but they also offer a great return on investment. Trees that receive proper care can return up to 200 percent of their value when selling a home. What’s more, the shade that a grown tree provides can have a significant impact on your energy bill during the warmest months of the year.

There is no end to the benefits that a good selection of trees can provide. Of course, if you want to get those bonuses without doing a lot of work, the best option for homeowners is planting a native tree. Fortunately, there are a significant number of splendid native trees in Paso Robles, CA from which to choose.

Western redbud

Nothing adds a pop of color to your landscape like a western redbud. This tree blossoms into a vibrant light-purple bud that will vary the visual aesthetic of any yard even as it adds undeniable value to your landscape.

Raywood ash

The Raywood ash tree is a conical tree with finely-textured bark that is sure to stand out from the crowd. These ash trees come in a wide variety of colors and can grow as tall as 80 feet when fully grown.

California sycamore

If you’ve just moved in and you want to put your stamp on your property, try a gorgeous California sycamore. In only a few seasons, this fast-growing tree can achieve impressive heights. It will look like an established towering beauty before you know it.


Give yourself a visual treat every year with help from a cottonwood tree, one of our most robust native tree recommendations in Paso Robles, CA. The cottonwood tree proliferates by letting the wind carry its wispy white seeds through the air. You’ll think it’s snowing in June!


Looking to cultivate a fruit-bearing tree? They don’t come as delicious or beautiful as a full-grown pomegranate tree. Though technically a shrub, the pomegranate tree can grow as high as 30 feet in California’s climate.


Unlike the pernicious insect for which it is named, the locust tree is something you’ll welcome onto your property. The term “locust” actually refers to a wide variety of trees and shrubs that are perfect for hedging and erosion control.

Let Neumann & Sons Tree Service come to your aid

These are just a handful of the native trees in Paso Robles, CA that will grow into beautiful, towering additions to your yard. For a complete list, plus the know-how to turn saplings into robust additions to your property, come to Neumann & Sons Tree Service.

We have more than 40 years of combined experience offering service to the people of Paso Robles and the surrounding area. We have an extensive body of knowledge that we’ll put to work for you and your family. Want to breathe new life into your drab, old yard? Put your trust in our hands. Visit Neumann & Sons Tree Service online or give us a call today to learn more.

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