Why and How Often You Should Trim Your Trees

Why and How Often You Should Trim Your Trees

May 12, 2020

Trees offer a number of great benefits to property owners, including enhanced aesthetic appeal, extra shade on sunny days and improved property value and curb appeal, but it’s essential to invest some time into tree maintenance to keep these features in great condition. Tree trimming in Paso Robles, CA is necessary to keep trees growing strong and healthy, and it’s important to understand how to properly handle this service to achieve the best results for your property. Keep reading for some expert advice on tree trimming.

Why tree trimming is so important

A lot of property owners underestimate the importance of tree trimming in Paso Robles, CA, but the reality is that keeping up with tree maintenance is crucial when it comes to tree health and safety. There are several common issues that can occur when trees are left to grow without any trimming or maintenance, including:

  • Weak growth: During tree trimming in Paso Robles, CA, weak branches are cut away to make way for more resilient growth. When trees aren’t trimmed regularly, these weak branches continue growing and are likely to snap off the tree in stormy weather. Cutting away weak branches also reduces competition for stronger branches, which encourages healthier growth.
  • Aesthetic appeal: One of the most significant benefits of investing in tree service in Paso Robles, CA is the fact that it improves the aesthetic appeal of a property. Routine tree trimming is the best way to shape the growth of a tree to improve its appearance.
  • Property damage: Weak or diseased branches are very susceptible to breaking during stormy weather, and this can cause damage to your property—especially if your tree is growing near your home. Tree service in Paso Robles, CA keeps your property protected by minimizing the risk of tree limbs breaking off during storms.

Tree trimming frequency

For the best results, it’s important to stick to a regular maintenance schedule for your trees. Tree trimming should be done every few years. Most older, more mature trees that are well established only need to be trimmed every three to five years. Most younger trees, meanwhile, should be trimmed every two to three years to shape healthy growth and keep them as healthy as possible as they grow. Evergreen trees typically don’t need to be trimmed for several years at a time, but fruit trees might need to be trimmed annually to keep them healthy.

To keep all your trees as healthy as possible, work with a tree expert who can provide regular trimming and maintenance. A professional can assess your trees and recommend maintenance based on their age, size, species and condition.

Professional tree service in Paso Robles, CA

To benefit from professional tree service in Paso Robles, CA, reach out to Neumann & Sons Tree Service. As a family owned and operated company, we are dedicated to the quality of our services and our reputation in the community. We help property owners throughout the area with comprehensive tree maintenance services, including tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding. Call us today to get started with a consultation and quote.

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