How to Tell if Your Tree Is Dying

How to Tell if Your Tree Is Dying

April 28, 2020

Trees can grow for many decades with the proper care and good growing conditions, but all trees eventually die and must be removed to prevent property damage. Leaving a dying tree on your property can increase the risk of diseases and pests spreading to surrounding trees—not to mention the increased risk of fallen limbs damaging your property. Keep reading to learn more about dead tree removal in Paso Robles, CA and find out how to tell if your tree is dying.

Signs of a dead tree

There are lots of different factors that can cause trees to die. Sometimes, trees simply die as they get older and become weak. In other cases, diseases or pests weaken trees and slowly kill them. Regardless of the cause, there are some key indicators to look for to determine when it’s time for tree removal in Paso Robles, CA:

  • No growth on branches: While trees tend to stay dormant for several weeks during the winter, they should begin to show signs of life and new growth once spring arrives. If you’ve noticed that your tree branches are bare, without any new growth or green leaves, it’s likely something is wrong with your tree. To determine whether your tree can be saved, contact a tree specialist to conduct an inspection.
  • Signs of root damage: The health of your tree’s roots directly impact the health of your tree as a whole. If you notice damage to your tree’s roots, including signs of pests or fungus, it’s likely your tree could be dying. Check your tree’s roots for signs of damage, especially after any excavation, digging or construction that might have harmed your trees.
  • Trunk cracking: Trunk cracking is a common sign of aging or dying in trees. Look for vertical cracks in the trunk of your tree that indicate something is wrong. It’s also important to look for large patches of missing bark. Trees naturally lose bark as they age, but new bark will grow back on healthy trees. If bark is falling off without growing back, it’s a sign that your tree is unhealthy, and it might be a good idea to consider dead tree removal in Paso Robles, CA.
  • Rotting and fungus development: Fungus often grows on dead or dying trees. Fungus targets decaying trees and eats away at their roots, branches and trunks. In most cases, fungus development indicates it’s already too late to save your tree and it’s time to get your tree removed. Leaving a decaying tree on your property can increase the risk of falling limbs or tree collapse, and it can also attract pests that harm surrounding plants and trees.

Dead tree removal in Paso Robles, CA

If you need professional dead tree removal in Paso Robles, CA, reach out to Neumann & Sons Tree Service. Since 2009, we have been serving property owners throughout the area with comprehensive tree services to encourage strong, healthy growth. Whether you’ve noticed some problems with one of your trees or you need maintenance services for all the trees on your property, our team is here to help. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

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