Why Tree Risk Assessment Is Important

Why Tree Risk Assessment Is Important

February 18, 2020

Trees are an important part of your home or office property. Not only do they provide shade and curb appeal, but they can add market value to your home or commercial space. Likewise, when you’re getting ready to move into a new home, you should ask a certified arborist to come look at the property and do a tree risk inspection in Paso Robles, CA.

Signs it’s time for a tree risk assessment

Here are some signs to watch for that will indicate it’s time to schedule a tree risk assessment:

  • Visible damage: First, look at your tree. Do you see dead or broken branches, splits down the trunk, broken roots sticking out of the ground or any cavities? These are all signs that your tree may be suffering from tree rot or other arboreal diseases. If you notice any of these signs, be sure to call a tree service right away.
  • Surrounding areas: If you don’t see any visible damage to your tree, but you’re still concerned, look at the area surrounding where the tree is planted. Are the other trees in the area sick and/or leaning? Have you noticed that other trees in the area have been removed recently? This could mean that your tree is sick—and wasn’t the only one affected. This is a good clue for figuring out what, if anything, could be wrong with your tree.
  • Nearby construction: Has your neighborhood recently undergone construction, like digging trenches, laying sidewalks and pipes or other kinds of remodeling? This can damage tree roots, and damaged roots can affect a tree’s stability and health.

What can happen without a tree risk assessment

If you ignore the signs of damage on your trees, you’re opening yourself and your property up to harm. Trees can fall over onto people and property, particularly if their root growth is unstable. This is not only dangerous and expensive, but could also be a liability if it injures a guest.

While you’re waiting on your tree inspection in Paso Robles, CA, there are some basic things you can do to protect yourself and your property. First, move anything underneath or around the tree that could get damaged, like outdoor furniture and your car. Second, engage in regular tree maintenance, including pruning. If you see dead branches, cut them off as soon as possible. Third, with the help of a tree service, you can cable and brace some trees to ensure that they stay stable and healthy.

Trees are a great property asset, but they require appropriate care and maintenance, or else they’re just a hazard.

Get preventative tree care in Paso Robles, CA

Taking proper care of your trees ensures that they will look and stay healthy for as long as possible. Whether your trees are for shade, aesthetic or harvest purposes, Neumann & Sons Tree Service can provide preventative tree care and tree risk inspection in Paso Robles, CA. We’re dedicated to keeping your trees living well—call us today for an estimate and to discuss our full range of arboreal services.

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