Winter Tree Maintenance Tips for Property Owners

Winter Tree Maintenance Tips for Property Owners

January 22, 2020

Just because many trees go dormant during the winter doesn’t mean you can completely forgo care and maintenance of your trees! In fact, even when the weather is cold and wet, it’s still a great time for you to accomplish some important tree maintenance tasks.

Here are just a few tips for you to achieve excellent winter tree maintenance in Paso Robles, CA.

Engage in winter pruning

Dormancy is an ideal time for you to prune certain types of trees, especially while they are young, which helps them to establish a good structure that will prevent them from being damaged in the future.

When pruning, be sure to remove any dead, dying, diseased or otherwise damaged branches first—that should be your highest priority. From there you can move forward with pruning as needed. However, if you are uncomfortable with the pruning process because of a lack of knowledge, or if you do not have the proper tools to complete the job, it’s better to hire a professional so you don’t accidentally harm your tree.

Keep trees from freezing

In colder climates, you may want to provide protection for some of your trees to keep them safe in sub-freezing weather. Young trees and certain types of tree species are especially vulnerable to damage caused by cold. You can cover particularly susceptible trees with burlap, tarps or sheets, using stakes or a frame to prevent that cover from coming into contact with the foliage. If you have potted trees or plants, bring them inside or to areas that have more protection.

Lay down additional mulch

Spread some mulch about three to five inches thick around the base of your tree trunks, out about two feet in all directions from the tree. Mulch helps to retain moisture and warmth around the tree, which keeps it healthy through the bitter cold and encourages continued growth. Mulch should always have a donut shape—it should be a few inches away from the base of the tree. You don’t want mulch creeping up around the sides of the trunk—that’s not proper application and will result in too much moisture being retained around the trunk, which could cause decay.

Keep watering

You should still water your tree during the winter when there’s no rain, so long as it’s above freezing. You should water young trees especially every week or two, with about 10 to 15 gallons of water each time. That water should ideally be dispersed slowly rather than all at once—this will prevent the tree from drowning in too much water. Mature trees should be watered once every month or two.

These are just a few examples of some of the winter tree maintenance steps you can take. For more information about the various tree care services we provide at Neumann & Sons Tree Service, or to schedule an appointment for tree trimming in Paso Robles, CA, we encourage you to contact us today. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

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