Common Tree Species in Paso Robles

Common Tree Species in Paso Robles

December 20, 2019

Paso Robles hosts a variety of native trees. This allows you endless options for landscaping and keeps this city in an aesthetically pleasing state. Here are five common trees in Paso Robles, CA you will likely see in this area every day:

  • Oak: The city of Paso Robles considers oak trees heritage trees. As such, there are measures enacted to maintain and preserve them. There are critical root zones to prevent damage to root systems, and any tree with a diameter larger than six inches or taller than four and a half feet cannot be removed without review. Also, property owners cannot trim oak tree branches six inches or greater in diameter when the tree is located on an undeveloped site. Since there are so many protections for oak trees, it is best to hire an arborist to help care for them so you do not accidentally violate city rules.
  • Red maple: This species stands out every fall due to its bright red leaves. While it is a plain green during the spring, its autumn plumage is the reason for its name. Red maples grow quickly and are an approved street tree around Meridian Park. They are allowed to grow up to 60 feet and develop a spread of 40 feet. You may not notice them much earlier in the year, but in the fall, there will be no doubt when you come across a red maple.
  • Foothill pine: There are evergreen trees among the many deciduous trees in the city. Foothill pines are native to California and grow in low elevation areas, usually no higher than 4,500 feet. They will grow up to 80 feet, but it takes a while to reach that since they are slow-growing trees. If you have one in your yard, you can grow it more quickly by irrigating it and ensuring it is visited by an arborist for trimming.
  • Golden mimosa: A shorter tree, the golden mimosa is approved as a street tree in accent spots and open spaces. It grows up to 30 feet and spreads up to 40 feet. It is an evergreen that produces a fragrant winter bloom. Many people love it for its fragrance and its bright yellow flowers. It also survives our area’s dry periods well because it is drought tolerant. If you like low maintenance trees for your landscaping, the golden mimosa is an excellent choice.
  • Goldenrain tree: A lovely accent tree that is allowed on medians, parkways and tree wells, this smaller tree grows quickly and also produces a yellow bloom with no fragrance. It stops at 30 feet tall and spreads out to 50 feet. When it is first planted, it requires frequent trimming until it reaches maturity. If this is a tree you wish to add to your yard, be sure you find a skilled arborist as soon as possible so it grows out correctly.

Neumann & Sons Tree Service offers the expertise to care for native trees in Paso Robles, CA. Call us today to schedule an estimate for tree trimming and other services.

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