Top Six Reasons to Avoid Planting Trees Near Your House in Paso Robles, CA

Top Six Reasons to Avoid Planting Trees Near Your House in Paso Robles, CA

November 14, 2019

There are many benefits associated with planting trees on your property. Trees are good for the environment, but while trees can enhance the landscape around your home, you have to plant them in the right places and take care of them. Here are the top six reasons to avoid planting trees near your house in Paso Robles, CA:

  • Leaves and twigs in gutters: If you live in an area that experiences fall and winter storms, or at least heavy winds from time to time, then you might want to reconsider planting trees too close to your house. High-wind events can blow leaves, twigs and other tree debris off of nearby trees right onto your roof. From there, debris can fall into your gutters, eventually clogging them. You will have to climb up on a ladder and spend time clearing leaves and twigs before rain arrives.
  • Damage from overhanging branches: Wild storms tend to produce heavy winds. When trees are growing too close to a house and a storm hits, there’s a greater risk of branches breaking off and falling onto the roof, or swinging into window glass. And it’s not just winds that can down trees—dead or weakened trees ravaged by pests or disease can cause a similar dangerous situation. If there are branches hanging over your roof, for the sake of your family’s safety, remove them or remove the tree completely.
  • Soil moisture changes: Trees are living things, so they need a certain amount of water to thrive, but this causes the soil moisture around the tree to fluctuate. If the tree is too close to your house, then the foundation can experience problems when the soil contracts and expands. Too much pressure on your foundation can cause cracking or shifting over time.
  • Concrete can settle: Trees change the soil moisture, which can lead to concrete settling. Concrete that has settled is more likely to be damaged by cracks and shifting. If your concrete foundation or the sidewalks near your home have shifted, then the structures on top of those surfaces will be affected. Signs of concrete foundation settling include ceiling cracks, bowed door frames, shifted support beams and uneven walls.
  • Spreading tree root systems: Try not to plant trees too close to your house, especially those with invasive or widespread roots. All tree root systems are complex and need room to branch out in the ground. Roots growing too close to a home will begin putting pressure against utility lines, foundations and other trees’ root systems. This compromises your home’s structural integrity.
  • Security risk: A tree growing near a house can be used as a ladder for criminals to enter the home through a window. The same tree or branch may also help your teens sneak out after curfew. Either don’t plant a tree so close to begin with, or consider removing established trees that have grown too close to the house.

For more information about professional tree removal in Paso Robles, CA, or to schedule a tree service appointment, contact Neumann & Sons Tree Service today.

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