Important Tree Care in Paso Robles, CA: Why You Need to Remove Deadwood from Your Trees

Important Tree Care in Paso Robles, CA: Why You Need to Remove Deadwood from Your Trees

October 16, 2019

The trees on your property provide shade and beautify your landscape—in fact, the majority of healthy trees can actually boost the value of your home. But it will take commitment from you to keep your trees healthy. Diseases, pest infestations and general neglect are bad for all species of trees, so it’s important to keep up with seasonal tree maintenance and tree care in Paso Robles, CA, which means more than just the usual pruning job. The following information explains why you need to remove deadwood from your trees.

Why deadwood happens

Deadwood in trees is fairly common, and is caused by two different processes. The heartwood of branches may hollow out due to fungal colonization. Additionally, harsh weather conditions and storms, disease, too little sap or a lack of water could lead to decay in the bark. Any one of these things can cause the branch to die.

There’s more than one way for deadwood to happen to your trees. Interestingly enough, deadwood within trees is a very natural process for some species, especially fast-growing trees like birch and silver maple. These types of trees and others have small interior branches that don’t get a lot of sunlight. Since smaller branches are often less useful to the growth of the tree, the tree will allot more sap to the larger, more supported branches. A cutoff in the sap supply will eventually kill off the smaller limbs.

Reasons to remove deadwood and trim trees

There are several reasons why you should invest in tree trimming and deadwood removal in Paso Robles, CA. To be sure you need to do this, consult a certified tree care specialist in your area. He or she will evaluate the tree from roots to canopy and recommend a course of treatment if action is necessary:

  • Deadwood breaks off: During a storm, deadwood may break off and leave the heartwood of the tree exposed. This exposed area is like a welcome mat for insects to move in, breed and destroy the tree from the inside out. Additionally, water can get in, and when water collects, fungus and decay form, which can lead to trunk rot.
  • Safety: If deadwood breaks off during a storm or bad weather, the fallen limbs and other tree debris can cause property damage and personal injury. Deadwood removal—especially trimming off branches more than two inches in diameter—can put your mind at ease.
  • Deadwood hinders growth: The presence of deadwood can have a negative effect on the tree’s ability to grow into its natural shape. It blocks sunlight from reaching parts of the tree and takes away nutrients from healthy branches.
  • Not aesthetically pleasing: Too much deadwood on a tree ruins its natural beauty, and therefore, is not aesthetically pleasing to the homeowner or the neighborhood. Trimming deadwood off a tree improves its appearance and balance, as well as letting wind blow freely through the canopy.

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