How to Tell if Your Tree Is Dying

How to Tell if Your Tree Is Dying

August 15, 2019

The life of a tree can span decades, but eventually even the most bounteous trees will become weak and start to die. On the other end of the age spectrum, young trees that have been neglected and have not received the essential and routine trimming services they need are susceptible to premature decline. Each section of the tree will display these weaknesses in different ways, and your local tree trimming experts in Paso Robles, CA are here to help you identify some of these key warning signs:

  • Inspect the trunk: The condition of the bark will be important to monitor when determining the health of the trunk area. When bark becomes brittle, it can begin falling off the tree, or could lead to vertical cracking. If there are areas where the bark is beginning to chip away or is missing altogether, the tree could be headed towards decline. You may also see that the inner layer of the bark is a dark brown color, which is another telltale sign that a tree is dying.
  • Pay attention to the leaves: The color and behavior of the leaves on your tree are a good indicator of its general health. If the leaves on your tree start turning brown during the growing season, your tree is in trouble. The number of leaves your tree normally produces may also start to decrease, and the tree may begin to shed before the appropriate season. Stubborn brown leaves that stay on the branches longer than they should are yet another symptom of a dying tree.
  • Check the roots: When your tree starts to develop a perceptible lean, it is pointing to some type of structural issue at the root. There may also be branches starting to sprout from the base of the tree, and the roots themselves might begin to take on a slimy feel.
  • Look for fungus growth: As a tree rots from the inside, fungus will begin to grow on the outside of the tree. You may also see that the tree has been overrun by insects, which is another warning sign that the tree has started to die and will soon turn into a feast for all sorts of unwanted pests.
  • Avoiding trouble: One of the best things you can do for your tree’s health is be as gentle as possible when working near it, especially around the roots. When you are cutting the grass or doing yardwork, be mindful of how close you are getting to the tree, and try to avoid bumping into it. Routine maintenance and trimming will also help to promote good tree health and subsequent growth.

Ultimately, if your tree has already started dying, you will need to call on the help of a professional. If there is a chance that your tree can be saved, our team at Neumann & Sons Tree Service will work tirelessly to restore its health with our tree care services. If it cannot, we offer reliable tree removal services in Paso Robles, CA that will rid your property of the dying tree and eliminate the hazards that could become a concern if it remained. For help with your troubled tree, make sure you give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

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