How Often Should You Trim Your Trees?

How Often Should You Trim Your Trees?

August 1, 2019

In order to take proper care of the trees on your property, you will need to know how often they require certain types of tree care in Paso Robles, CA. It is this routine tree care that plays a vital role in keeping them healthy and beautiful well into the future, and with that in mind, your local tree pruning service is here to help you determine how often your trees should be trimmed.

Tree trimming schedule

For the most part, older trees are to be trimmed every three to five years, while younger trees should be trimmed more often, at two- to three-year intervals. Younger trees need to be trimmed more often because the early years provide the best opportunity to train the tree and create good form, and frequent trimming helps to provide structural stability while promoting good health. The time of year and where the tree is in the growth cycle will also play a role in effective trimming. The dormant season after the trees have lost their leaves and there is no active growth is an ideal time for a trim. This timing is also convenient because the limbs and branches will be bare and thus more accessible and easier to work with.

Although these general guidelines exist, the type of tree, its health and its exact age will determine the best timeline for tree trimming in Paso Robles, CA. One of the trees in your yard might not be due for its scheduled pruning for another year or so, but you may need to have it trimmed right away because there is a limb that is dying or on the brink of falling and causing damage to your property. Alternatively, you may have fruit trees that need to be pruned annually so they can continue to bear fruit each year.

Oak trees

One of the most common types of residential trees is the oak. In general, oak trees should be trimmed with the same regularity as other trees, but their care does require a watchful eye because of the unique diseases they can be exposed to. Oak wilt, for example, is spread by pests who feast on post-pruning cuts, and can be deadly for the tree once it begins to spread. Oak trees are particularly vulnerable between the months of April and July, when the chances of oak wilt setting in after pruning are high. Any pruning that is done should take place outside of this window.

Determining the best tree trimming schedule can be difficult, which is why our team at Neumann & Sons Tree Service is here to help. We understand how important proper and effective tree care is for good overall tree health, which is why we offer specialized tree pruning services in Paso Robles, CA that are tailored to the needs of your specific residential or commercial property. Make sure you give us a call today to schedule your consultation to learn more about all of the tree trimming services we have to offer.

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